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Entry #3

ahhh, time to move on.

2008-07-30 18:19:45 by amso

ive been sulking about how all my stuff was deleted. but screw that. i say it's time to get back into action. that being said, i dont have any ideas... maybe someone will give me one?
not likely.
what's more likely is that i die of boredom before anyone visits this page, ever again.


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2008-07-30 18:23:22

i voted all your stuff 5, check out my cool post

amso responds:

thanks, but who are you?


2008-08-18 19:30:16

what was deleted? are you dead of boredom yet? btw what work did you do on Madness Byrd Dance? thats all blah

amso responds:

mandess byrd dace was deleted because it was submitted with my account. i did everything from the magician scene onwards.
no, im not dead yet...


2008-10-09 14:28:29

If you're still alive, here's a tip:
Go nuts in flash, and draw random stuff with no rules to stick to whatsoever.

I mean like, more random than that there vid you've got.
It's how my W/E series started, and even now I still enjoy making them.

If that doesn't help, go put some dynamite in some guy's head. Maybe that'll relieve your boredom.


2009-01-15 01:09:08

too bad i never got to see all your shit before it was deleted. i was banned from commenting on my other acc for chain mail lol. it was a little harsh i thought so i quit ng for a couple years and. IM BAAAAah i might as well cut the bull. (considering nobody gives a shit.) anyways just make more stuff or this comment will be a waste.